Workshop Choices:
Each student will participate in THREE workshops throughout the day.  There are 2-3 choices per time slot. Students will choose ONE workshop per time slot.  In the event a class has filled up, the student will be contacted regarding his/her second choice.

*Students will play their instruments in several workshops throughout the day.

*Additionally, students will be provided with handouts in each class to take home and use for future practice!  

Class Descriptions:

WORKSHOP CHOICE 1 (9:00-10:00):  
Choose ONE of the following workshops:

Composition Class
--Get started writing your masterpiece!  In this class, students will learn the basics of writing their very own composition. Students will receive handouts and tips on the basic components of music theory.  

Conversations in Music--  Explore the art of chamber music! Let our resident chamber group share with you the secrets to performing in a chamber setting; from tips on intonation, blending, and especially communication. Students in this workshop will have the opportunity to sit in with the chamber musicians and play along! 

District Band Audition Tips
--Learn from the top students in the area who have placed in the top chairs at district band their tricks for preparing the audition.  Focus is on scales and sight-reading.  

WORKSHOP CHOICE 2 (10:00-11:00):  
Choose ONE of the following workshops:

Music in Movies
-- Learn about the relationship between music and drama; musical symbolism; and how mood is affected through music!  Rediscover your favorite movies through a musical lens! 

Music and Art -- Blur the boundaries between music and art!  Using synesthesia (blending of the senses) as a reference for this workshop, students will use music as a guide and inspiration for the creation of a visual master piece!  

Music and Stories--  Much of the music we perform today is programmatic, which means the composer intended for the music to portray a story or series of events or characters. Learn more about this type of music through an exploration of Beethoven's Egmont Overture and Van der Roost's Tanczi.  
Students will have the opportunity to listen to and perform excerpts from these works, which will also be performed by Flutopia on their final concert. 

WORKSHOP CHOICE 3 (12:30-1:15):  Choose from ONE of the following topics
Jazz Essentials-- Improvise your way to a new musician!  Learn how to get your groove on with basic scales and rhythms built on the traditions of jazz.  

The Art of Performing--Learn the habits of excellent performers through an exploration of performance anxiety and performance etiquette. Ever felt so nervous in a performance or audition that you just couldn't concentrate?  This class will provide you with helpful tips, techniques, and exercises for building confidence in auditions. Students will learn breathing techniques, nutritional tips, and ideas for focusing before an audition. Also, what every musician needs to know about performing! Learn the Dos and Dont's of performance etiquette from stage presence to stage attire!  

Flutopia Fest 2016 Registration Form

Flutopia Fest 2016 Registration Form

Please complete the Flutopia Fest 2016 Registration form and click "Submit."  An e-mail confirmation will be sent within 24 hours to confirm your registration.  Once you receive an e-mail confirmation, information on where to mail the non-refundable payment of $40.00 will be provided.  Payment must be submitted PRIOR to the event to secure participation.  Thank you!

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Workshop Choice 1 (9:00-10:00): Please choose ONE of the three options (please type the NAME of the workshop, not the number, i.e., Composition Class):
1.  Composition Class
2.  Conversations in Music
3.  District Band Audition Tips
Workshop Choice 2 (10:00-11:00): Please choose ONE of the three options (please type the NAME of the workshop, not the number, i.e., Music and Movies)
1.  Music and Movies
2.  Music and Art
3.  Music and Stories
Workshop Choice 3 (12:30-1:15): Please choose ONE of the two options (please type the NAME of the workshop, not the number, i.e., Jazz Essentials): 
1.  Jazz Essentials
2.  The Art of Performing
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